Fashion Designer

Combining fashion and community work is a tough undertaking because each one of them takes a lot of time. But to Khadija Mwanamboka it’s different.

Since Khadija loves designing and at the same time helping children is one of her in born passions, the two have become synonymous of her busy life for years.

The talented and hardworking Khadija has dressed a quite a big number of top social icons including Miss Tanzania Contenders consecutively for three years 1998, 2000 and 2001), she coordinated the Tanzania national dress designers competition and she was the only Tanzanian designer on the regional panel of judges for the international nokia face of Africa with over 0ne and a half decade among top trail blazers and trendsetters in the Tanzanian

With over one and a half decade among top trail-blazers and trendsetters in the Tanzanian fashion industry, Khadija continues to set pace in the African fashion arena locally, regionally and internationally.

Drawing inspiration for award winning designs from her immediate environment, nature, social lifestyles and even music! Mwanamboka’s creativity knows no bounds in utilizing both materials and resources for her masterpieces.

Her most accomplished milestones include the successful high lighting of her work to members of parliament at a grand fashion show staged in Dodoma to promote the Tanzania Mitindo House.

She also did a fashion show at the 55th Commonwealth parliamentary Association Conference at Ngurudoto in Arusha in October 2009 that was hosted by President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.

As Founder and Chair person of Tanzania Mitindo House, a not for profit social initiative to utilize fashion designing in the country for community based charity geared at assisting HIV/AIDS orphans. Tremendous achievements have been made within the short three years of its establishment.  

What inspired her to establish TMH, she tells, is first to unify fashion designers to work together with the sole purpose of giving better life to Tanzanian Children and orphans infected by HIV/AIDS.

She says after 15 years in the fashion industry Tanzania Mitindo House is her contribution to her country to help orphans, to promote aspiring designers and models. TMH today has 10 kids living with HIV/AIDS at their orphanage centre in Magomeni. The organization found them through the Amana hospital clinic as they went there to get their ARV’S doses.

These children had shelter problems, now are healthy living and very charming at the orphanage centre. The centre has 3 staffs who take care of the children, one of them is a nurse.

Tanzania Mitindo House is soon to own its own Orphanage center (currently under construction in Dar es Salaam) and an economically sustainable Fun Center through Khadija’s vigorous and dedicated efforts at fundraising for the causes, she founded- Tanzanian designs for LIFE! and Corporate Cares.

To commemorate women’s day 2010 khadija established a shop/office where designers can display and sell their designs all in one place. As well as to give aspiring designers a chance to be part of the fashion industry while still in school by them displaying and selling at the shop. The shop also helps local designers to network and exchange ideas.

TMH has talented fashion designers and khadija is proud to be one of the proponents of the fashion industry in Tanzania which she describes is growing big and better every year.

Khadija believes every child has a right to play so with the help of sponsors she  created Tanzania Mitindo House Fun Centre where by orphans can play for free regardless of their status and background. There they express themselves and showcase their hidden talents.

Khadija founded and organized fashion shows for up coming and aspiring fashion designers dubbed” STYLE MOTO MOTO”  the fashion shows which took place February, March and April 2011 aimed at promoting and expanding the Local  fashion industry.

She was honored with Tanzania Women of Achievement award in Social Welfare category during the 100 years of International Women’s Day celebrations 8th March 2011 and Swahili Fashion Week Humanitarian Designer of the year 2011.

Khadija’s established a Training Centre for teenage orphans from different orphanages so they can be self sufficient and generate income for their basic needs and hopeful are independent enough to leave the orphanage houses. Become good citizens and even great leaders in different fields.

The training centre trains them in Fashion Design,Tailoring,  Jewelry Design, Art Craft, Hair and Makeup.

The training centre is also helping them to find and create jobs as well as sell the products they produce.